Yes, We did a Coldplay cover. It wasn’t entirely our idea, actually. We were asked to do it for a “special online project” that fell through. We recorded it awhile ago, but we’ve been waiting for the right time to release it. Now feels like a good time, since we can use your help! :)

We are going to Japan!!

As you might know, our record is out in Japan and we’re really stoked about that. We’ve been looking for ways to build on it, and it turns out that an association (CIMA) in Canada is organizing a ‘trade mission’ to Japan.

So, we applied…

We got in!

Which means at the end of November we’re playing a showcase in Tokyo, as well as attending several days of meetings to hopefully find some more partners in Japan that want to work with us, and hopefully bring us over for a real tour! :)

We’re getting some funding for this, but a lot of the trip is going to come out of our pockets (thanks for buying merch!), and obviously flights to Japan ain’t cheap!

So, that’s why we’re putting this song up for sale on Bandcamp! You can get for a minimum of $1

As always, thanks so much for your support! :D